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  • How to use: The spray eliminates not only nasty smells, but also 99.99% of all germs. That’s how you stay fresh, promised.

  • The Bowltech Shoe Spray is perfect for use in all rental shoes Pleasant fragrance eliminates unpleasant odors Recommended for improved hygiene and customer satisfaction. Easy-to-use handy size 500ml can with extra fine spray for quicker drying. Desinfects

  • Get your customers playing faster and spending more with these simple yet brilliantly designed shoes. Sizes are conveniently marked on the back of each shoe for quick and easy selection. They feature rugged 360 genuine Goodyear® welt construction, plus a padded collar and padded foot bed.

  • Een verstuiver die een schone, frisse geur nalaat. Houdt receptie en opslagruimte van de schoenen geurvrij voor een prettige werkomgeving. Met 500 ml kunt u zo goed als 300 paar schoenen verfrissen. Ontsmet

  • These shoes are built to last! - Channel-stitched leather sole with lowered stitch - Uppers made from superior quality, fully colored cowhide leather - Stitched and glued high abrasion rubber heel - 100% natural rubber midsole - Fortified toe and heel cap - European sizes printed on the heel- Shoes come pre-laced with 100% cotton laces

  • The most durable & affordable shoe on the market! Synthetic upper (PVC) with high-quality Velcro straps and full leather sole. - Channel-stitched leather sole - Synthetic upper - With durable and strong Velcro straps; - Fortified toe and heel cap; - European sizes printed on the heel; - Available in the sizes: 24-50; - Timeless design in black & white.

  • Rental shoes: ECO-VELCRO  Durable leather rental shoes with velcro. - Channel-stitched durable leather sole with lowered stitch; - Leather upper with classic design in dark blue, red and white; - Fortified toe and heel cap; - European sizes printed on the heel; - The most durable leather shoes, for the lowest price.

  • Chemical or acid shoe disinfectants can harm your rental shoes. The leather hardens and begins to crack! The STRIKE MAKER hoe disinfectant is alcohol-based and especially developed for daily use with our leather rental shoes. Its fresh fragrance lends an air of cleanliness. During the disinfection process, special components permeate the leather and help...

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items